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May 29
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Name: Lucille "Lucie" Kinoshita 
Weapon/Meister: Weapon | Huge Butcher Knife 
Gender: 101% Gal (Female)
Brief background: 
Ever since she was old enough to comprehend speech and walk around well enough on her own, Lucille had helped her mother out in her family herbal remedies shop. She would always try her best at being her mother's strength; even when she was strictly discouraged to dare lift equipment that was heavier than her until she was older and had sustained stable strength. Her mother was always someone with frail health, and had loved nothing more than to garden. Lucie---who was also a fan of the mystical land of possibility and imagination----would spend countless hours exploring outside, digging holes, climbing trees, moving around pots, and finding good places to hide for simple childish games. 

As she grew older, Lucille had learned her way around a vast amount of plants and what they could do. With a lot of lucky trial and error of consumption and fair amount of warning to keep her out of true harms way, she had eventually developed a knack for making tasty dishes with an oven and out of whatever groceries and cook books were available (and the help of her mother of course).

In her third year of elementary school, Lucie had developed her germaphobia and ommetaphobia through wandering into a sewer after her brother during a game of tag. In the midst of confusion and darkness, she had slipped and fallen into the water and was carried a little ways until her brother had managed to get her back out. Ever since then, she had stayed inside and away from anything that was a potential goldmine for disgusting viruses and bacteria. She still managed going to school though. 

A few years followed, and her "big debut" as a first year high school student had quickly turned south when she accidentally triggers her unstable weapon abilities for the first time. Her parents were delighted to hear about one of their children possessing their mother's weapon blood, and all went out to celebrate. In the midst of the happy get-together, Lucille's mother abruptly collapses and is instantly rushed to the hospital. 

From that night and onward, Lucille had promised to always be the happy and gleeful child her mother always knew. Upon being forced by her mother, father and even brother to attend Grimoire Academy for helping her toughen up for what life has to offer and the sake of keeping her mind off of her ill mother, she is determined more than ever to return home with the news that she had successfully become a death hunter.

Normally, this soul is very upbeat and is always compact with nothing but pure ambition and energy. Topped off with an overall jolly nature and never-dying curiosity, Lucie makes for a very playful and free spirited person. 
There never really is a time when she is genuinely glum; any tears that come from her gentle eyes are all for show to mess with anyone for the sake of what she wants.

Notably, this doesn't make her in any way deceitful, but more or less someone that enjoys laughs much more often then not (or even a tease). Jokes like those are for minor conversations, like, who goes where, who does what, yadda yadda yadda. Practically like a little kid. Pout-y and upset when they don't necessarily get what they want right off the bat except, when it comes to that, she's not as serious.

At first glance people may write her off as a hyperactive screwball and ditsy idiot, but when given a chance/task, she proves to be nothing like the sort. Her determination and optimism is what keeps her going as well as having the single thought of her family wanting her to continue on anyway.

Combat is probably the only event where she will hold off on her silly flamboyant self to get a job done, especially when things become momentous and deserve a lot of thought. Her docile and patient disposition allows her to gladly comply with orders if the situation and demand seem fit. She had also learned patience and responsibility at a young age from taking care of her kid siblings, making it easier for her to tackle goals one step at a time to ensure success, no matter the rate.

Lucie is also normally very selfless, ESPECIALLY for the ones she cares about. If she feels strongly for someone /especially her meister once their bond is strong enough/ she would gladly give her life for the other to see another day.

Strengths / Weaknesses


~Good at dealing with medical injuries that don't require an extensive amount of medical attention.

~Despite her seemingly lost facade, she is very perceptive and pays close attention to her surroundings and whereabouts.

~She prioritizes her vision among all of her other senses.

~If it counts as a strength, she's actually a pretty great cook. She wouldn't admit, however, that she learned for more selfish reason rather than selfless. 

~All the years of pushing/picking up heavy items for her mother allows her to 
carry a lot more than what people think she can carry

~Her light weight/petite body frame and constant running around make her quite an evasive target.

~Lucille loves cleaning things, and would devote countless hours just to make an object that was once a bright color back to it's shiny and untainted self again.

~Normally VERY selfless for anyone of importance to her or even those that have an simple air of kindness, she'd do anything in her power to get a genuine smile outta the saddest of people. 

~Always optimistic and tries to be encouraging in even the most horrible of situations

~Does better work under pressure


~Even though she works better when under pressure, she becomes high-strung and extremely antsy. 

~She's awfully curious which sometimes that can get the best of her. Lucie pries into any subject that catches her interest, which may get her labeled as annoying if it's not one that the other is comfortable talking about.

~Absolutely horrible at telling lies.

~Sucks and picking up suggestive hints, so don't even bother trying to hit on her hAh.

~Lucille is overly lightweight in the sense that she is easily (and when having consumed some, heavily) intoxicated by alcohol. Even the smell can bring on dizziness and impair her concentration. Because of this, her parents strictly keep anything with alcohol content out of the house.

~No matter how attentive she is, she's deafeningly oblivious to other people's feelings toward her (if any in the first place).

~Fairly new places with an extensively vast amount of passages/
hallways/streets render her direction senses useless, even with a map in hand.

~She prioritizes her vision among all of her other senses. However, she doesn't seem to mind darkness in most case (such as sleeping at night or turning the lights off).

~Lucille also has a tremendous fear of insects and EXTREME arachnophobia. 

~Because of the sewer accident, she has an irrational case of ommetaphobia and will not let anything in or ever near her eyes.

~For the same accident that brought on her ommetaphobia as well the trip to the horrifying trip to the doctors office that followed after it, Lucie has a deep hatred for dirt/bacteria/and filth of all sorts. Many call her a "germaphobe" because of her strict rule of "keeping it clean." 

~Very awkward when trying to show affection physically to unfamiliar others (anyone she hasn't known for ages). It just.. isn't her thing.

~Gets frightened easily, hehee

Likes / Dislikes: 
+ whip creme. A lot.
+ rain and jumping around in puddles..!
+ good food/eating in general
+ running around (She's gotta burn her energy somehow)
+ cooking (She loves food so it only makes sense)
+ cleaning things and cleanliness/organization
+ playing childish games
+ instruments and all sorts of music
+ shiny/bright objects
+ light and vibrant colors
+ unique hair styles
+ baggy clothes/anything that conceals her figure (she's very self conscious about that.)
+ candy/sweets
+ spontaneity and trying something new for the sake of finding out something

- when other's base abilities on looks
- when people stare at her
- dirt/filth/garbage/germs anything unclean
- arrogance
- pessimism
- revealing clothes without proper coverage (by her standard)
- two piece bathing suits
- insects or anything related to bugs
- spiders, spiders, SPIDERS
- sewers
- when it's utterly dark/anything that conceals her vision
- cutting her hair
- being put under pressure
- derogatory terms 
- depression 
- letting plates in the sink pile up
- Over the top loudness don't make anyone's ears bleed, please jeez

Fighting style
If she were to ever get in a pinch, she would use her evasiveness to an advantage. She figures that if she can get a considerable amount of hits in, a decisive/vital blow isn't all that important. Before even trying her luck, she calculates her chances and readies some form of an escape route if things go south on her end.

Sometimes she may experiment and try something new to incorporate into her style, but the majority of the time the result gets her in a bleak situation because of it being spur-of-the-moment action.  

If there is a possibility, Lucille will hide herself in any way she can to get out of reach and out of the enemies field of vision. Once she's out of their view, she attacks from the foe's blind spot.

Her fighting styles relies heavily on logic, patience for the right moment, energy and attention to surroundings for effectiveness and a chance at success.

- Lucie's ethnicity/cultural background would be half american and half Japanese (Father - American, Mother - Japanese)
- Her nationality is French, so her mother gave her a French name.
- In French language, Lucille means "little light."
- Despite her eating a bunch, she runs around a lot to keep the weight off. 
- To keep her germaphobic tendencies under control, she often tells herself that "if it's not visible, then it's livable." This is to keep her calm by denying any possibility of existing filth that isn't in plain sight.
- Her brother calls her Lulu because he felt much closer to her by doing so.

Death: Y
Corruption: Y
Body Modification: Y
Mutilation: N eeehhhhh sorry!! 
Transformation: Y
Injury: Y

FINALLY DONE, HUFF HUFF... Man, I was rushing like crazy TTuTT I was so worried that apps would close on me HAH;;;

[edit;] Alright, fixed a bunch ;3; I hope it's a lot more original now...!
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